About the WindFarer

The founders of Zooblu, Tod and Cassie Lancaster, needed a travel umbrella for a trip to Spain. They did a lot of research and found what they thought was a great umbrella. The product listing claimed this umbrella was "unbreakable" and "windproof" and "tested to 60 mph," along with a whole lot of other stuff.

It sounded good, so they bought it. When their new umbrella arrived at their doorstep a few days later, however, it wasn’t so impressive; it was a flimsy, shallow, thin-canopied, incredibly average umbrella. The only thing superior about it was the sales pitch.

That’s when they decided to make the WindFarer: a truly great umbrella that combines time-tested design with superior craftsmanship. 

What Makes the WindFarer Better

The Size

With its 46-inch arc, our two-piece vented canopy gives you 10% more horizontal coverage than the standard 42-inch canopy you’ll find in most travel umbrellas. The canopy is nine inches deep, 28% deeper than the standard travel umbrella, providing you with increased vertical coverage (important when the wind drives the rain sideways). 

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The Canopy

The double-layer vented canopy is covered in tightly woven, quick-drying waterproof pongee that is 10% thicker than standard (210T instead of 190T). This tear-resistant fabric is built to last; first we stitch it to the frame by machine, then we reinforce each stitch by hand. 


The Frame


The WindFarer's fiberglass frame has a highly flexible 10-rib construction (instead of the standard 8 or 9 ribs). It is designed to resist flipping inside out, but even if it does its flexibility prevents it from breaking. The shaft is made of tempered steel (no aluminum) for added strength and longevity, and is approximately two inches longer than comparable travel umbrellas. This means you can hold it closer to your waist instead of up near your chest, so it’s much more comfortable to carry for long periods of time.


The Handle

 We made the WindFarer easy to hold, even in the wettest conditions. The ergonomic handle is nearly two inches longer than the handle on the average travel umbrella. It’s made of stippled rubber that is molded to the contours of the human hand; these finger grooves help you keep a firm, comfortable grip when you need it most.


The Case


When the WindFarer is closed and in its compact, zipping case (included), it’s 14 inches long, so it can fit in most purses, briefcases, backpacks and carry-ons. The case protects the WindFarer if you want to shove it under your car seat or store it in a packed suitcase. It also helps protect the other contents of your bag when the umbrella is wet.


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