So here's how it all started.

Zooblu's guiding principle popped into existence when Tod, the founder, bought an umbrella online. The product listing had claimed this umbrella was "unbreakable" and "windproof" and "tested to 60 mph," along with a whole lot of other stuff. But when it arrived at Tod's doorstep it was a flimsy, shallow, thin-canopied, incredibly average umbrella. The only thing superior about this product was the sales pitch.

After he got over the initial irritation at being bamboozled, Tod realized that this could be a good thing. He'd been looking for a new product to launch. What about an umbrella? But instead of the cheap junk he was holding in his hands, what if he designed and created a truly great umbrella? An umbrella that, when people opened the box, made them feel exactly the opposite of what he was feeling now?

He stood there in his doorway, holding his crappy new umbrella, and imagined what it could have felt like to open that box if the umbrella inside it hadn't been so... well, crappy. What if he'd opened that box to reveal a sleek, sturdy, powerful, practical and magnificent new umbrella? What would he be feeling then?

Happy, he thought to himself. And smart. Like I'd made an intelligent purchase, like I'd been respected by the company I bought it from, and like I now had a product would give me a vague sense of satisfaction every time I used it.

Then it hit him. The big epiphany. He realized: That's really all that matters. 

There's no big secret, no earth-shattering new technology necessary. Just make the very best umbrella you possibly can—using the best materials, the most thoughtful design, and insisting on the most deliberate, careful craftsmanship—and when people open that box they are going know they'd purchased something special. They're going to feel the opposite of what Tod felt when he opened his box. They're going to feel good. And when they think of Zooblu, they're going to be happy.

And that's our vision. That "feeling" we want you to have is what guides everything we do. We want you to love what you buy from us. We want you to feel like you made an intelligent purchase, and we want you to use it for a very long time. That's what we focus on every day, because we know that if we do, everything else will fall into place.

And so far, we've been right.