The Zooblu WindFarer

Everyone wants to save money when they're shopping for a new umbrella. We get that.

But then it rains, and suddenly that few bucks you saved doesn't matter a whole lot. What does matter is that you have an umbrella you can really count on. Our advice: step out into your next rainstorm holding a Zooblu WindFarer.

IT'S BUILT LIKE A TANK: The super-strong composite frame is made of tempered steel and fiberglass (no aluminum!), so it will hold up even in severe weather conditions. The highly flexible 10-rib construction (most umbrellas only have 6 or 8 ribs) is designed to resist flipping inside out, but even if it does invert your WindFarer won't break.

IT'S GOT A THICK, VENTED DOUBLE CANOPY: The WindFarer's canopy has a large 46-inch arc made of thick, tightly woven waterproof pongee (210T). And just like the frame, this tear-resistant canopy is built to last; first we stitch it to the frame by machine, then we reinforce each stitch by hand.

IT'S GOT A "GRIPPY" ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The best umbrella in the world is useless if you can't hold onto it when the wind kicks up. The WindFarer's ergonomic handle is made of stippled rubber and molded to the contours of your hand, with finger-grooves to help you keep a solid grip when you need it most. The automatic open/close mechanism lets you open AND close the umbrella with the push of a button.

IT COMES WITH A DURABLE ZIPPING STORAGE CASE: Want to toss your WindFarer in the trunk? Slide it under a car seat? No problem! The tough neoprene case will protect it from ripping, breaking or getting dirty.

Don't get caught in the rain with anything but a Zooblu WindFarer.